Dr. Lauren Kuzmiski

Dr. Lauren Kuzimski, similar to many of her colleagues, found veterinary medicine to be a calling since a young age. Her love of animals drew her to the field, but it wasn’t until she met her first dog, Kaylie, that she discovered her drive for the medicine. Kaylie was a constant companion in her childhood life, until a sudden illness took Kaylie away. In that moment, Dr. Lauren couldn’t help but wonder if she could have changed something had she been there, and with that, she found her drive. From there, she decided to help animals, not only out of love of them, but to also change those brief moments and save a life.

Her passion lies in internal medicine and ultrasound – taking head on challenges of many diseases that do not always “read the book” and can be difficult to diagnose and manage.

Dr. Kuzimski joins Gull Lake Animal Hospital after graduating May 2018 from Oklahoma State University. She graduated in 2012 from Lake Superior State University with a bachelor’s in biology and went on to obtain a Master’s of veterinary biomedical sciences in 2015 at Oklahoma State University. In 2014, she entered her veterinary program at Oklahoma State University, branching out into many groups and performing volunteer work, all while remaining in the top ten of her class. After graduation, she is excited to return back to the state of Michigan to begin practicing.

When Dr. Kuzimski is not in the office treating her patients, she can be found writing, going to the movies, and finding the nearest lake to go jet-skiing on – all the while spending time with her family (husband, Josh, and her son, Oliver). One thing, Dr. Kuzimski will gladly and freely admit to is how much of a nerd she can be – knowing the DC comic world quite thoroughly. However, something that might surprise some people is the fact she has published a book and is still working on the sequel (vet school got a bit in the way for a while there).

“I’m very excited to be joining the Gull Lake Animal Hospital team! I can’t wait to approach new challenges and obstacles and help my future patients and their family members overcome each hurdle, together.” – Dr. Lauren Kuzimski