Cat Boarding

In addition to our dog kennel, we also offer cat boarding separate from the dogs. We offer two different cage sizes: single or condo. A condo is recommended for larger cats and multiple cats; we do not recommend having more than 2 cats in a condo. The condo is nice because food and bedding can be kept separate from the litter box.

We do provide food for your cat while (s)he stays with us. If your cat is on a special diet or is a picky eater, we are happy to serve whatever food you bring with you.

    We provide litter and blankets but if your cat has a bed or favorite blanket or toy, feel free to bring them with you.

    Cats do not go outside but have many opportunities to hang out in the cat tree or the window and observe the birds and other wildlife in our woods.

  • All cats boarding are required to be up-to-date on the FVRCP vaccination, Rabies vaccination and fecal exam for the protection of your cat and the protection of our other boarders.

Medication – One of the benefits of boarding your cat at Gull Lake Animal Hospital and Boarding Kennel is that all of our employees are trained to take the best care of your pets and there is always a doctor available should your cat encounter any problems.

Please note that there is a medical administration fee each time medication is administered to your cat. If your cat needs a medication injection, an injection fee will be charged each time the medication is administered.

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A three day notice for reservation canellation is required. Failure to cancel reservations before the three day period has passed will result in a $35 cancellation fee, unless it is during a holiday or peak season. During those times it is a 7 day notice or the full cost of the reservation will be charged.